Public transport shelters in Riga to be modernised

In the interest of convenience for Riga citizens and city guests, the reconstruction and modernisation of public transport shelters is to be initiated in Riga this autumn. By implementing this huge development project, the city of Riga will acquire aesthetically pleasing, modern and unified design shelters in accordance with European city standards, thus improving the visual image of the capital and the quality of life for Riga citizens.

Currently, the management field of shelter sheds in the capital is divided. There are different technical solutions and design shelter sheds found in the city of Riga, their maintenance requirements differ and all in all, the management of sheds is ineffective.

As a result, the public transport shelters of Riga have been in a poor condition for several years – in many places the shed constructions are rusty, marked and have broken glass. They do not protect passengers from the wind or cold, as well as do not provide necessary transport schedule information. Outdated transport shelters not only dishonour the image of the city, but also threaten the security of passengers.

It is planned that the modernised city shelters of Riga will provide passengers with an opportunity to purchase e-tickets. There will be seats and a special place for people with special needs. Moreover, the future plans for shelters involve the placement of information regarding the public transport route network, transport schedule and current changes, for example, transport schedule changes, etc. It is expected that new shelters will also ensure free internet opportunities which would be a great benefit both to Riga citizens and city guests.

The first modernised transport shelters will be available to Riga citizens in the summer of 2013. It is planned to modernise 300 shelters during the first stage, but in total, 800 shelters are to be renewed throughout the whole capital.

Rīgas satiksme has assigned the implementation of the ambitious development project to SIA Pilsētas līnijas, by concluding a contract on the placement of advertisements in the infrastructure objects of Rīgas satiksme. Since 2004, when the cooperation between Rīgas satiksme and Pilsētas līnijas was started, Pilsētas līnijas has paid several million lats into the budget of the Riga City Council in the form of advertising fees and taxes. SIA Pilsētas līnijas cooperates both with the Rīgas satiksme and 14 road transport enterprises that provide passenger transport services across the Baltic States.

“If shelter places in Riga were previously set up with an emphasis on the needs of advertisers, the new shelter places will be created to satisfy all passengers’ convenience and comfort,” points out Ilma Kauliņa, Director of SIA Pilsētas līnijas. “Each year Riga becomes even more beautiful, and public transport becomes more comfortable, faster, safer and more nature friendly. Thus, shelters must also be changed and modernised, with an emphasis on a complimentary city image,” considers Ilma Kauliņa.

The amount of work and resources to be invested can be measured in several million lats, therefore SIA Pilsētas līnijas has attracted a partner in order to realise the project – the advertising company JCDecaux that is well-known in Latvia and across the world. This company already holds the rights for advertising placement in more than 200 public transport shelters in Riga. JCDecaux will ensure the set-up of shed constructions, whereas SIA Pilsētas līnijas will equip the sheds with devices that will ensure the broadcasting of digital information (arrivals, departures) and free access to the internet.

Within the framework of the project, the shed reconstruction, modernisation and renewal of existing shelters will take place according to common standards, in order for all the shelters of the Riga city route network to have the same structure and quality shelter sheds.

By implementing this project, the primary aim of the Riga development will be fulfilled – ensuring the equal improvement of living conditions and city environment quality for citizens, as well as complying with efficient and economic management. The management of transport shelters will become more efficient, faster and more qualitative, thus improving the accessibility of the service to Riga citizens and city guests, as well as the overall image of the city of Riga.